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What should I donate?
Consider the following perks:


Level 1: $5/month

  • Grants access to content
  • Music Library
  • Limit: 1 stream per account

Level 2: $15/month

  • Access to automated requests system: Limit 5 requests a week
  • Email system to alert when the content you request has been added
  • Reporting system for faulty/broken downloads
  • Limit: 2 streams per account

Level 3: $25/month

  • Grants instant access to requests (Auto Added if Found)
  • Grants unlimited(within reason) requests
  • Music library and album requests
  • Limit: 3 streams per account

Higher Level Perks Include the Lower Level Perks

Make a TV/Movie Request:
(login = Plex Username)
Click Here

Make a Music Request:
Click Here

Not Sure when your favorite show is supposed to air?
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Concerned there might be something wrong with the server?
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  1. Do not share your Plex account with anyone.
  2. Limit one stream per account. Multiple streams are throttled.  There’s only so much bandwidth! Higher tier members pay more of the operating cost and are allotted more bandwidth. (See Perks above)

Questions and Answers:

Q: What are the restrictions?
A: Do NOT share your account, if you would like to add someone please give them the link to this form. (
-Limit 1 Stream per Household/Account

Q: Why are you asking people to pay?
A: The payment helps with hardware and internet bandwidth, a service charge. This helps to keep buffering and slowdowns to a minimum.

Q: What can I expect to find on the server?
A: A variety of shows/movies split across multiple platforms, all in one place on your device.

How do I get started?

Donations are monthly if you wish to maintain the perks

  1. Click here and create a FREE account on Plex’s website.
    You do NOT need to buy a Plex Pass.  
  2. Decide on a subscription level. (See Perks).
  3. Submit your info in the boxes below to be added to the server.

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