Minecraft 1.10.2 – Come Adventure with us Oklahoma!

In the Beginning

Minecraft. It all started in late 2014, CharlieBox was a Minecraft server intended on bringing a close group of Oklahoma friends together. We have gone through several Minecraft servers over the years, but we never had anything consistent. Until now. The Oklahoma Folk Adventure Server is ran using a modded form of Minecraft that allows the users to lock their chests and doors to keep griefers from destroying their property. You can also buy space so that players cannot destroy what you have built! For more information read the rules below and fill out the white-list form to get an invite!

Updated Server!

With the release of 1.10 there were tons of new items added: Shields, gliders, and even new blocks! With a heavy heart we created a new world and generated new blocks. Unlike the old world, the new map is 12,000 blocks wide! That’s double the old map. Feel free to check out the server map here.

Server Rules

1) Don’t build in site of another player without their permission.
2) Don’t grief, you will be banned.
3) Keep offensive language to /w (Whisper)
4) Don’t ask for OP – just type /opme

Join the CharlieBox Minecraft Server

Fill out the form below to get added to the Minecraft server white-list:

Minecraft Username (required)

Your Email (required)

I know someone on this server
This is my first time playing online

Would you like to add anything?

Server IP: minecraft.krowvin.com

Are you a wee lass?
I am at least 13 years old.

Help! What do I do?!

If you’re lost in game you can type a few things that might get you out of your cubical bind. It’s important to note that you won’t be able to build around the map spawn location. You’ll need to travel several blocks away from spawn in order to build. (See Rule 1) When you first join the server after being white listed you might find you are limited as to what commands you can type. If this is the case, please contact me here. It’s a security “feature” we have had in place to prevent the occasional griefer.

List of Useful Commands

  • /help – Full list of commands
  • /wut – a few useful quick commands that may or may not work at the moment
  • /spawn – return to the spawn location when you lose your way
  • /tpa <playername> to ask to teleport to another player
Minecraft Castle
Luscian’s kingdom on the old minecraft server


Dynamic Server Map

By clicking the server map link you can:
view the entire server map, online members, and chat with members through the web interface.

The server is 12,000 blocks wide.


Keep the Server Alive!