A Day at the Lake

Sandy Shores of Lake Keystone

There’s a lot of rocks at Keystone lake. A LOT. But i’m confident we found one of the sandiest beaches. I could walk for a good hundred feet and still not step on any rocks. It was also fairly remote, because you had to have a boat to get to it easily.


She goes a blazing 4mph!

So we opt’d for the cheaper boat and made our own out of an inflatable raft, some plywood flooring (with boating carpet), and a trolling motor!






Choppy water for miles. It takes us about 45 minutes on this raft to get to our swimming spot. Everyone else gets there in about 2-3!



Here’s that sandy beach I was telling you about. You were expecting an ocean view with sand for miles? Honestly for an Oklahoma shoreline this is an impressive amount of sand. The water is just as sandy all the way out. (Or at least 6 feet out). Keystone lake is decent, but most of the public swimming spots I know of are covered in rocks and debris.




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