Plotting Your Raspberry Pi’s Temperature

Preface! Ever wondered what kind of temperature changes your IoT (Internet of Things) device goes through? I recently installed an IoT Information Panel in my home. I programmed it using

Replacing your hard drive

Replacing Your Hard Drive

Replacing Your Hard Drive Replacing Your Hard Drive, A “How To” – For use with Desktop Computer   Tech Level: 1 – No experience needed, only basic tool knowledge Installing

Enter to Win from EVGA

Win an EVGA X99 Classified Motherboard and ACX CPU Cooler! Follow this link to enter in a chance to win a EVGA X99 Classified Motherboard and ACX CPU Cooler. Click

SSL grade

SSL on Point for Site Security

I’ve recently been diving deeper and deeper into my site configuration and determining how I can improve the encryption between the users and the web server. Look Ma! Good Grades

Gigablast Internet

Rumor has it Cox Communications is expecting to launch their new flagship Gigabit speed internet in the Tulsa area within the next year or two. Currently the tiers are listed

Hard Drives VS Solid State

I started installing solid state drives in my systems years ago. The response time is uncanny. Each has their pros and cons, but for every day computing why not? That

Welcome to the Grid

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Gigablast Internet

Cox is expecting to launch it’s new flagship internet within the next year or two in Oklahoma. This means gigabit speeds for everyone! Glad to see they’re finally competing with